Pumpkin does paperwork

Pumpkin does paperwork

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY: Kitty Kafe

Protected access for our cats to fresh grass and a nice view of birds and squirrels 

Kitty Kafe installed
Our three cats used to share the back yard with chickens. The chickens had "cleaned up" the back yard by consuming all the nice green grass the cats love to chew on.

The front yard was not normally accessible to the cats or the chickens so there is plenty of green grass. We decided to build a protected caged-in area which could be accessed from the back yard, through a kitty door in the fence. The "Kitty Kafe" is made from a 32" cylinder of 6" mesh 16-gauge wire wrapped with 1" chicken wire mesh, sunk into the ground and weighted down with medium-sized rocks. The access ramp is a piece of plywood surround by a shield of chicken wire mesh.

Entry way from back yard
The Kitty Kafe gives the cats access to a grassy part of the yard while protecting them from neighborhood cats and night critters. It also doubles as an observation platform where our cats love to watch all the activity around our bird feeders. Our chickens have never tried using a kitty door, so, until they do, Kitty
Kafe will be a chicken-free zone.


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  2. I believe these exist for dogs. Not sure about cats. You can also consider having a water bowl with fresh clean water available all the time.

  3. I've heard that coyotes can bite through chicken wire and they can dig over a foot deep to get under and inside an enclosure. So a heavier gauge steel would work out. I suppose it depends on what predators one has. I have them all here in Colorado :)