Pumpkin does paperwork

Pumpkin does paperwork

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Low-cost Ways to Protect your Cat from Outside Dangers

Commercial "catio" enclosures, components, cat-proof fencing, fence toppers and kennels can be expensive. Even many DIY projects require materials and tools. Many loving cat owners don't have the resources or technical ability to construct elaborate outdoor safety zones for their four-legged feline family members.

Raise or convert your cat as an indoor-only cat.

This is of course, the least expensive way to protect your cat from outside dangers. There is a common perception that cats must live outside in order to be happy. Cats can be perfectly happy in an all-indoor environment but there are some caveats. A single indoor cat will be much easier to manage than multiple indoor cats. Indoor cats may require more interaction, playtime and attention from their owners, in addition to the use and inconvenience of litter boxes.

  • You will need at least one scratching station for each cat to keep your furniture in good condition. Basic scratch boxes, posts and similar commercial products are fairly inexpensive.
  • Cat toys and such, but you don't actually need to buy anything. There are plenty of items around the house which can be made into cat toys. Our cats are perfectly fine with a wadded up ball of tin foil, or piece of cardboard hanging from a string. 
  • Cat grass as a dietary supplement.
  • Dried catnip (optional) 
Build a small outdoor "safe area" out of scrap wire fencing and chicken wire with a connection (kitty door) to your home.

This one I built is connected to a larger cat-safe yard but the concept is the same:


This one is a bit more elaborate, but the materials cost was under $50:

I have also reviewed several commercial products that allow your cat to roam outside in the safety of your own yard. The review is a bit old but these products are available and there are quite a few options if you do some web searching.